Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Winged Pests

Effective Methods To Get Rid Of Winged Pests

Unlike methods used to control termite or spider infestations, you cannot just kill a few birds and expect them to never return to the affected area in a few months’ time. On the contrary, killing birds is often an ineffective solution, mainly because there are plenty of individuals who are ready to take the place of the population that you have just exterminated. Due to that, you need to search for alternative methods to get rid of these problematic pests. Fortunately, these methods are also more humane, so that you don’t have to worry about harming living creatures anymore:

Ultrasonic Audio Devices

Ultrasounds, which are not normally audible to the human ear, can be used as an effective method to deter birds. Unlike humans, birds will be able to hear sounds at these frequencies, and due to the constant emission of sound, they will want to stay as far away as possible, since they consider these sounds to be a nuisance to them.

Roost Inhibitors

Birds love tall buildings and structures mainly because they can use these places to roost after a period of flight. By eliminating possible roosting places, you can get the birds to look back and search for a better place to rest. Bird proof netting are effective roost inhibitors. They are easy to install and you can order them from virtually any organization which specializes in bird control services.

Chemical Deterrents

Certain types of chemicals may also be used to great effect in order to keep birds away with minimal effort. Chemicals can have different effects: some may give off a pungent smell and others will simply stick to the bird’s body (thus discouraging it from landing on top of your building). Chemicals are available in the form of sprays or solid pellets: it really depends on the product and method of application. Just remember to buy a chemical which is non-toxic, as you don’t want to suffer from side-effects as well.

Use of Trapping Techniques

If the bird population you are contending with is quite limited, you can make use of physical trapping methods to capture the birds and then release them somewhere else far away from your commercial property. If you opt for netting to get rid of your bird problem, buy quality bird exclusion netting with high UV resistance. Otherwise, the nets will deteriorate quickly, forcing you to seek replacement parts or to opt for an alternative solution.

Nesting Removal

Usually, there is no problem if only a couple of birds come to your building once in a while. However, these few individuals may make nests and start reproducing at an alarming rate, in which case you are going to face problems later on. Therefore, you might want to discourage birds from nesting in your building by eliminating and modifying suitable nesting places accordingly. In this way, you can cull the bird infestation way before it can cause significant damage.

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